Dilapidation Reports

Many building owners and tenants have employed Bild to carry out dilapidation reports at both the start and end of the lease period. Dilapidation reports help to note any potential risk or damage to the property at the beginning of a lease and record the conditions of the building at the end of a lease.

Why have a Dilapidation Report?

Dilapidation reports can help in two ways. Firstly, providing a report at the commencement of a lease can provide a benchmark of the standard of the building and internal finishes, allowing the two parties to achieve a mutual agreement at the start of the tenancy rather than an argument at the end. ​

Secondly, providing a report at the completion of a lease allows the landlord and the tenant to agree on the amount of make good required according to the lease agreement.  This report can be a priced schedule or just a schedule with work items that need to be carried out.

How Bild can help

As well as completing your fitout from start to finish, Bild can carry out the make good works on behalf of the landlord/ tenant, ensuring that the make good has been carried out according to that building’s standards. If you need any assistance with a Dilapidation Report for the start or end of your lease, Bild can help. Get in touch today.