Do Employees Benefit From Office Greenery

Recent studies have found that plants in the office can boost productivity by as much as 15%. Studies have concluded that office environments with greenery and natural light can boost workplace productivity by 6% and increase creativity by 15%.

How To Save Money On Your Office Fitout

When it comes time to upgrade your workplace with an office fit out, there’s no reason why you should be left completely out of pocket. Whilst it’s important to invest in a Bild office fit out, there’s no need to blow your budget to get your dream working environment.

Top Office Trends

Increasingly throughout 2019 and into 2020, we started to see office designs throughout Melbourne that are mostly concerned with creating workplace experiences; spaces that boost morale and promote productivity.

How Lighting Affects Working Spaces

Lighting can have a huge effect on worker productivity. When working spaces are filled with light employees feel more comfortable as there is no disconnect with the outside world

Maximise Your Office Space

Your office fit out impacts the work experience of employees and the image clients form of your business. Thoughtful office designs not only benefit employees but also business growth. The following tips will help you use your space more effectively.

Types Of Office Flooring

The choice of flooring you choose for your new, or renovated, working space can be crucial. Things you need to consider are comfort, noise reduction, ease of clean, durability and cost.

What Does a Post Covid Office Look Like?

Employees going back to work in the coming weeks should be prepared for many changes. Workers looking forward to their return to the office and a sense of normalcy should brace themselves for a wide range of new safety protocols.

Interior Design Ideas For A Small Office

While a small amount of office space may seem like a drawback, you should view it as an opportunity to be innovative. By approaching your office interior design in a creative way, you can make the most of the space that’s available to you.